Thursday, January 29, 2009

Organized -- Kinda

So this month I really wanted to get my act together and get organized. I needed some help on organizing my days/weeks so I went to the store looking for a day planner. FranklinCovey has never disappointed me in this endeavor, but this time I'm sorry to say that they did. Is it just me, but have their planners become too complicated? So I started looking at what others had to offer and was sorely disappointed.

After studying what was wrong with some of the most popular planners I decide to make up my own and have been completely pleased with the results. Now I'm planning my menus; have figured out how much time in the day I have to do what I want to accomplish and have decided to give myself a whole week to get things done. I have figured out what days to what on (ie: laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning etc.). I don't exactly have everything worked out yet, but I feel like I actually have control of my life again. Yay!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

Last week was a rough week. But this week things are looking up. I made it through another rough patch in my life and I feel like a stronger and better person. I don't talk about whats going on mostly because I keep myself so busy that I don't give myself time to worry about it. Plus, the kids don't need to know whats going. Not this time anyway.

So I think this time around, I learned this... no matter how painful your trial can be and how uncertain you may be about the outcome of the future, don't second guess yourself and your motives. If your choices are of God, stay strong. He will provide. That's His promise.

I love my life. I love my husband, I love my kids and I love my friends. Because of the love I feel from all of you, my life is so much easier!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

VT Luncheon

Visiting Teaching has always been a thorn in my side. I know that's not very Christlike but it's true. It's just one more thing that needs to be done and not only that but it's on a time line. Also, I know it's important and I know it's necessary which adds to the thorniness of the task. However, I really enjoy visiting my girls, getting to know them better and passing on the spiritual message for the month. I really do. Although, sometimes it can be really hard to get to all my girls (I have 3 girls to visit and 1 to mail stuff to). So this month I had a great idea. Why not make them come to me! We'll have lunch and a short message and then I'm done until next month. Yeah for me!!! ....So we did.

It turned out so nice that I think I'll be doing this every month. Next month we'll have a something Valentiney.... Hmmm... maybe something chocolately involved...

Now I'm excited to do my visiting teaching! Go figure.....


Life is a funny thing. It can be going really well for a long time and then BAM! For what seems like no reason the carpet is pulled out from underneath you and it seems like your life has changed for the worse. Usually these are things completely out of your control and you have no choice but to rely on the Lord and hope for the best. This has happened so much to me in my life that I don't even ask why any more. It just is and there isn't any other way to go but forward. But, I trust God. I just don't get why it has to be so painful.

I gave a Relief Society lesson on Sunday and we talked about how God some times tests us for no other reason than to try our faith. A lot of times, however, these same trials are meant to prepare us for the next great thing to come. I truly believe this. I figure my trials are to prepare me for what's in store for my children. I know they're meant for a great work in this life. I suppose I need to get my act more completely together in order to serve them adequately.

I had to chuckle a little when I was reading the Visiting Teaching message this month too. It's about standing strong and immovable in faith. I thought, "how appropriate." My favorite quote from the message is by Richard G. Scott: "You cannot today remotely imagine what that decision to be unwaveringly obedient to the Lord will allow you to accomplish in life. Your quiet uncompromising determination to live a righteous life will couple you to inspiration and power beyond your capacity now to understand." Let me just say that I count on that.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Princess For A Day?

We went to Costco today and before we left Carly insisted on wearing one of her tiaras. I tried to distract her hoping that she would forget about the tiara but, of course, she didn't. She reminded me just before we walked out the door that I "must get her tiara".

So we get to Costco and one of the workers, noticing her tiara, asked her if she was a princess for the day. Carly says,"Uh Uh. Every day."

Honestly, I don't know where she gets it.... probably her dad. :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Food! Glorious Food!

I had my first real meal tonight. It's been nearly a 100 years since my last meal. And I swear it was the best meal I have EVER had. Really it's only been a week, but it seems like a 100 years . Anyway, for date night tonight we went to Blue Fin Grill and I a had the grill marinated salmon on sautee'd spinach. It was absolutely out of this world! I've had this before and it's always been good, but tonight it was exceptional! Mmmmmm! I would have liked to have a nice thick ribeye steak, but I have to start with lighter meats first. But it was still delicious

I've always loved food. I love cooking it and I love eating it. But I never realized just how much I loved it until this last week. Also, during the last week my sense of smell has become so acute. I swear I can smell garlic from a mile away now. I'm like a dog -- constantly distracted by smells, but mostly by the smell of food. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Can't Believe It's Been So Long!

I really can't believe it's been so long. Christmas is over and New Year's has passed. My! How time flies!

I really wanted to post a bunch of pictures so everyone can see what's been happening with our lives in the passed few weeks (months??!), but I can't download any photos due to a memory problem on my computer. So I'm working on getting an external hard drive so this won't happen again. But that's boring stuff. So I'll try to recap just a little:

Robert was the Big Bad Wolf in his school Thanksgiving Play. He did great and was so cute with his Big Bad Wolf mask.

Thanksgiving in Oregon
We hiked and played and laughed. It was a great time! (All except for the tooth incident) We ended up staying an extra day because our flight was canceled due to fog up and down the west coast.

We spent the first week back from Oregon just trying to get back to normal after a long trip and then we pulled out the Christmas decorations and spent the 2nd week of Dec just getting ready for Santa to come. As Robert put it we weren't ready until the lights were up on the house. It was a lot of work but very much worth it. The kids made it so.

Let's see....hmm..... Oh Yes! The Parties! It seemed like every week was filled with one or two parties. Oh yeah! And eating!! We ate like there was no tomorrow: cookies and fudge. Pecan Squares and Candy Canes. And the chocolate!! I never thought I'd say this, but I think I'm sick of chocolate ...... well, maybe for awhile anyway. Unless it's fudge. I could totally do fudge again.

Robert lost his first tooth! However, I didn't get to pull it out. He came in to my bedroom one morning and said, "Guess what I have in my hand."
"What?" I ask
"My tooth!" he says as he pulls his hand out from behind his back and shows me his teeny tiny tooth.
So, that night the tooth fairy came for the first time to our house and left a buck under his pillow. I was shocked! After all, I only got a quarter and my teeth were much bigger!

Santa came and treated us all good. The kids were thrilled, yet not so surprised. I guess they just knew he would come. After all, why wouldn't he? Right? The rest of the day we just relaxed and enjoyed the day. After all the Santa hubbub I was able to take a 3 hour much needed nap. It was absolute heaven! After I woke up we had lunch and went to the movies and saw "The Tale of Despereaux" and it was really good! It was the perfect end to a perfect day. I can honestly say that it was the best Christmas ever!

New Year's Eve was fun. For the past 2 years we've celebrated an East Coast New Year's on account of the kids. We figured it would be torture for all of us if we tried to keep the kids up (not to mention me. I tend to be not so pleasant when I'm tired). So we ate yummy snacks, played charades and counted down the New Year at 9pm. We donned our party hats and popped our poppers. We screamed out "Happy New Year" to each other and gave each other a New Year's kiss. We then toasted in the New Year with a glass of "Mormon Bubbly" and called it a night. It was the perfect ending to a very a fantastic year. Here's to my hubby and kids!!!!

The following weekend after New Year's we headed up to Utah to celebrate my Dad's birthday. We caravaned up with the Walden's and took our time getting up there. It was actually a lot of fun. Once we got up there we hung out with my parents and ate yummy Mexican food. My mom is the best cook! She taught me some of her secrets and I can't wait to try them out. My dad turned 81 this year. (Wow!! Way To Go Dad!) He's doing great as if he never had a heart attack and plans to be around for awhile.

The Present Day
So as usual at the beginning of every year, I reassess my life and try to figure out which area needs the most work. I've come to the conclusion that there isn't just one area, but many so little by little and line by line, I'm chipping away at being a better person. However, right now my focus is on my physical health.

My husband and I have under gone a complete body cleansing. And let me tell you, this has not been easy!!! In fact, on some days it has been down right torture. For one week, my diet has consisted of nothing but smoothies. Albeit, yummy smoothies, but that's it. Smoothies. And water. Lots and lots of water. We have to drink a cleansing drink before each morning and evening smoothie which consists of psyllium hulls and aloe vera mixed with apple juice with some veggie pill thingies. It's not so bad. We also get snacks between each smoothie which is either juice or a piece of fruit. Needless to say, by the 3rd day I was DYING for some real food. By the 4th day I began salivating at yummy smells. Today is the 5th day and I'm doing much better. Of course, I've stayed in all day so that has helped. Tomorrow I get to introduce meat back into my diet. I can't hardly wait! And in case you're wondering, the cleansing totally works. I won't go into detail, but I'll say this: So far I've lost 5 pounds and that's not fat. That's just whats been in my gut. Amazing! Right now I can't say that I feel better because I'm just hungry. But the booklet says that you don't usually feel a difference until after the cleansing. So I look forward to that.

So there you have. I know - Not too exciting, but I thought I had to fill in all the gaps.