Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We're Having A Baby!!!!

My husband isn't so thrilled, but I'm ecstatic. As many of you know, we lost one of our puppies (AHA! Gotcha!) last December in a tragic accident. And ever since then I've been yearning for another. And just yesterday the breeder contacted me and said that she's got two litters that have just been born and she's got 5 males for us to choose from. At first I didn't know what to do. I mean things have been real easy going around here and to bring another dog into the mix would just stir things up. So I was torn. My heart said YES and my head was saying "Are you crazy???" But my heart won out so we're having a baby! My husband is a saint. He totally left the decision up to me. I know this is a huge sacrifice for him. And yet, he's going to make it happen for us. (I love you, Baby. And I promise this will be the last one.) We get to see the pups next week. So, how about some names? Robert and I are throwing around a few (by the way the kids are just as excited as I am). Robert likes Peter or Tim. I think both of those are cute, but I'd like something a little more exotic-- something cool -- something not very common. Any suggestions?

I just got done reading "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. Maybe you saw him on 20/20 a couple of weeks ago (his lecture can also be found on UTube). He's a computer scientist who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He's married with three kids and won't live to see their next birthdays. His whole lecture/book was about fulfilling your childhood dreams. It was very inspirational and left me thinking if I'm fulfilling my childhood dreams. Well, let's see...
  • I married the man of my dreams. In fact, he far surpasses any dreams I ever had of who I would marry. He may not do ANYTHING around the house, but WHAT A MAN!

  • I have lots of pets. I love animals. Probably way too much. Always wanted dogs. All I want now are horses.

  • I always wanted to be an at-home mommy and a good one. Well, I'm at home and I really try to be a good one.
  • I wanted to live and work in New York City. Never did that but visited and want to visit some more maybe own a place there some day.
  • I wanted to run or manage a business. Did that and it nearly ended my marriage.

  • I wanted to grow up to be a horse. Embarrassing but true. Not even possible, but I'll settle for owning one.
  • I also wanted to grow up to be a boy. Again embarrassing but true. Again not even possible and for the record I absolutely love being a girl. I was just a major tom-boy growing up.

I honestly feel that I'm on my way. My life has been so blessed that I wonder often what I ever did to be so blessed. First of all, let me start with my man. He is everything and more than I ever wanted. My kids speak for themselves. Unbelievably, good and wonderful. Of course, they may not be "celestial' like Pam's boys...haha. Actually, I think they are. And my friends....let's just say that I love that Kim is always up for a good gripe session and Pam and Kaye make me laugh so hard. Julianna is my rock. Liz, Stephanie & Liz always have such good insight on life and what to do about it. Janna is always there for me. Not to mention you are all such amazing women and mothers. Robbie I am so glad you are my husband's friend. You have no idea how glad I am about that. And the best part is you guys help me fulfill my childhood dreams just by being you. Sorry for being so sentimental. The book just reminded me of how short life is and you never know what it's going to deal out. So, thank you all.

Okay so here are some pics of my kids and doggies: we went to the pool yesterday with Julianna and her kiddos and the kids and I went to the dog park today. Carly was so proud of herself climbing up the hill all by herself, but instead of throwing up her hands in victory she had to strike a pose. Robert is just always proud of himself (Robbie, notice the Lakers jersey). Enjoy....

Monday, April 28, 2008

Annoying People

So I'm at Robert's karate class and as I'm backing out of my parking spot I notice a man passing behind me in his car. I have one of those back up cameras where you can see behind you without turning around (which isn't always a good thing). So I'm waiting looking at the screen waiting for the idiot to pass. I waited and waited talking to my daughter at the same time - not in a big hurry at all. When he didn't pass I SLOWLY started to back out. I thought that perhaps he was waiting for someone. At this point I didn't think he was an idiot. However, as I began backing out I turn to look behind me and the jerk is throwing up his hand at me like I'm in the wrong. At this point I had noticed two things about the guy 1) he's on his cell using his other hand holding it to his ear and 2) he was driving a mercedes convertable. I immediately began judging him: He's one of THOSE. Well, I wasn't impressed so I said "What?? Jackass." (Maybe this is why I'm being released from my calling). He looked right back at me and throws up his hand like "What's up?" and yapping on his phone. No doubt he's yapping about me having just about backed into him. Thank goodness for my daughter being in the car (although that didn't stop the bad words)because instead of just sitting there to tick him off more I pulled forward to let him pass. And you know, the idiot still didn't pass. So I proceeded to back up again and this time he waved me on. I looked back to see if he just wanted my spot, but nope he didn't. He was just a jackass. Again I judge....I hate annoying people. At least that one.

I have more to write about today, but I'm pooped. We had a big day. I got so much done and we were able to get to the pool too! Pics to come. What's up with the weather, by the way. It's sooo hot. Until next time....

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Is it just me or does anyone else feel rejected when they get released from a church calling? For those of you who haven't heard the Relief Society Presidency is in the process of changing. The change will occur next Sunday in Sacrament Meeting. I was officially told by the bishop today that I was to be released and it was like shooting an arrow through my heart. I kept waiting for him to say that the new president would like to continue having me as her 2nd counselor but it didn't happen. So there I was -- REJECTED. Aren't I supposed to get some kind of warning about these things? I mean isn't the spirit supposed to whisper something to me like, "You're going to be released soon so stop putting your heart in soul into the women of the Simi 4th ward because they don't want you anymore." Just kidding. But you know what I mean. Anyway, as goes church protocol, I don't know anything about who the new president will be or her counselors (not that I would tell anyway), but I'm sure they'll be fantastic. And I bet the new HFPE gal will be way better than me. But honestly, I wasn't ready for this to end for me. I felt like things were just getting started. People were finally starting to come to the activities. And...well... I don't know.... I suppose this is where I'm supposed to say, "But I'm sure the Lord has something else in store for me...blah blah blah" (don't get any ideas Julianna!... or Liz!!). Oh well, it was a good run. I really enjoyed it. I loved the relationships and friendships I developed as well as the new ones I saw developing amongst others. But such is life, right?

Anyway, enough of my boobing and whining. Check out my adorable daughter. She fell asleep on the couch holding a cup of cedar balls (they're used in storing clothes to ward of moths. They smell way better than moth balls and are equally as effective). Man I love my kids!!

Here's another one: Robert was pulling a movie out of the movie book and asked his dad if he wanted to watch a movie with him. His dad, "um huh" (barely awake). Robert, "Do you want to watch "Stuart Little"? That's my favorite movie. Did you watch "Stuart Little" when you were little?" Mike: "um huh" (not even coherent). Robert: "Me too." What a crack up! I swear he thinks he's 16.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Cosby Family Blog

Okay. So I took the plunge. I started our family blog. (What does "blog" mean anyway? Anybody know?)You can all blame Robbie Coulliard if this doesn't work out. I got so into his blog that I started to stalk some of my other friends' blogs. It started with Kaye's since Robbie has hers linked to his. Then I hit Pam's and after Pam's the blogging tree just got bigger and bigger and I got the bug. I fell so in love with everyone from reading about their families and all the funny things they all do that I thought why not? Why not share my family's quirkiness with the rest of the world? Everyone else does. So here I am. And for my first entry (or is it "post"? I don't know all the blog-lingo yet) I'll explain the pictures...

We went to the LA Zoo last weekend. We had a blast. We pretty much saw everything we could see. You know how zoo's are -- the animals are hit and miss. They're either out or not. We got lucky. Most of them were out. And as far as zoo's go, I liked it. And honestly, I liked it better than the Santa Barbara Zoo. I know. I know. The clientele at the LA Zoo may be a little scary, but then again I'm sure we're pretty scary to a lot of people too (especially Mike:)). And EVERY time we've gone to the Santa Barbara Zoo NONE of the animals are out. The kids are posing in front of the flamingos (don't the flamingos look like a bunch of people who are hiding behind the bushes holding up their arms and bending their hands down kinda like the lochness monster photos?) On the way back we stopped at Pecos Bills Barbecue. It's this little shack that has been around since the 60's. They're only open a fews hours a day on the weekends and Mike has been trying to take us there for literally years. Every time we've tried, it's been closed. I was beginning to think it was some kind of urban myth -- did this place ever really serve food???? But it does and it is some good bbq! Not too hot and not too tangy. Just right! Mmmmmm.
So there you have it. My first post. Not very exciting, but it is what it is.