Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Picture This!

Carly and I were playing with the camera the other night and this is what we came up with:
It initially started because Carly insisted on doing my hair (as you can see in this photo) It's some kind of Pippy-Longstocking/Princess Leah thing and she insisted that she take a picture of it too. So in spite of no make-up I let her take the picture.

From there it turned into serveral adorable photos of my beautiful little girl :)

And then there's me....
All for the sake of making memories, right?
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dr Seuss's Birthday

Dr. Seuss's Birthday was in March. Robert's school had a contest on who could come up with the best Dr. Seuss hat. Of course, Carly had to get in on the action too. Although, the pre-school wasn't participating. All along I had an idea on what to do for the hats, but never got around to it until that morning. Here's what we came up with:

Turns out Robert won the contest and got the Lorox for his prize! Let's face it, if Carly's class was particpating should would have won too.

Not bad for last minute!
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Monday, May 10, 2010


Saturdays are the days that I get all the projects I didn't get done during the week done. This usually includes yard duties. I make the kids come out with me because I can't stand them sitting around watching TV while I'm out working like a dog. That just irritates me to death. So I make them my little slaves fetching me this and fetching me that and also keeping an eye on the dogs so they don't undo everything I've just done.

Anyway, this one particular Saturday I guess I worked them pretty hard because while I was hosing down the patio I turn around and see this:


Friday, May 7, 2010

Tooth Missing!

I love this look! Nothing says childhood like your two front teeth missing, right?

We were in Oregon visiting my sister and her family over spring break when Robert lost his 6th tooth. He didn't want me to pull it even though it was hanging by a thread. He wanted me to wait until that upcoming Saturday "because it's Dad's birthday". I don't know why we had to wait 'til Mike's birthday. But it was important to Robert that we wait. So I respectfully waited. And waited. Honestly, it was driving me nuts. The tooth NEEDED to come out!

Fortunately the torture ended that evening. Robert was wrestling around with his cousin, Henry. I think the tooth bothered Henry as much as it did me because Henry starting tickling Rob and while he was laughing with his mouth wide open, Henry reached in and flicked Rob's tooth and that's all it took. Robert's tooth flew out of his mouth and Yay!!! It was all over.

Of course, the Tooth Fairy came that night and, once again, all was well in the world.

The Cousins:


Carly and Lillian Putting Make-Up On Each Other

The Three Amigos: Thomas, Robert & Hyrum

Sorry. No pics of Henry. But just imagine Oliver 10 years older. They look EXACTLY alike :)

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Friday, February 26, 2010

People Come & Go, But Good Friends....


It is never "Good-Bye" when it comes to good friends. It's just a "See you later" or an "Until next time". But never "Good-Bye".

Our dear sweet friend, Elizabeth, is moving to New Mexico tomorrow. We had our last Friday Girl's Lunch together with her today. I would be lying if I said that I'm okay with this. Because I'm not. I'm just sad.

I admit I have a gajillion best girl friends. However, each one fills a specific need in my life and helps me in different ways. And all of them together make me who I am. I also feel like each one has been hand-picked by God just for me to help me cope and get through this crazy journey of mine. So for one (or two) to move away just upsets my whole flow in life.

I'm greatful for knowing Elizabeth. I know she knows what she means to me and how much I love her. And I also know that this is definately not "Good-Bye". I look forward to our walks and talks and hikes in New Mexico. Nothings going to change. It's just another phase that we'll get through. But nothing is going to change.

So... until our next hike together in New Mexico!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Wish I Could Go Back

The kids and I went up to St. George this weekend. It was a great weekend. We went up to Brian Head Ski Resort and enjoyed the snow as snow should be. I say that only because if ever there was the greatest snow on earth it's definately found in Utah. No doubt about it.

Carly didn't want to go tubing because she would have to go alone and ride in her own tube so she and I played in the snow while my sister, Sara, and Robert slid down the hill. Sara and I took turns playing with Carly so I could tube too. All in all it was a great day in the snow.

Sunday we went to church with my folks. They still belong to the same ward I grew up in so it was nice seeing some old familiar faces. All my friends I grew up with had, of course, moved away so I certainly wasn't expecting to see any of them. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I hear a member of the bishopric announce that the musical number would be sung by Judy, Dana, Trevor and Danette Maxwell. It was like we had just morphed back to 1985. The Maxwell Family was always the musical number when I was growing up. And Danette was one of my dearest friends and, so, to say the least I was thrilled to see her. We met up after Sacrament Meeting, chatted for a moment, and decided to get together after church.

Danette lived across the street from me. Actually is was more like across the street and across a vacant lot from me. I loved going over to her house. Her family was so warm, loving and accepting. So my sister, Maria, and I would always go over there after school. The Maxwell's home was a safe haven for us.

I went through a lot in High School. I'm sure it was no different than a lot of teenagers go through: low self-esteem, insecurities, acne, bad hair, no love life. All in all I was a loser. At least that's the way I felt. Really I wasn't, but I was convinced I was. But when we'd go over to the Maxwell's that was somewhat lifted. We would laugh so hard our tummies would hurt. We truly had some great times.

However, I had forgotten those good times or rather how fun they really were. All I could remember was how I hated St. George so bad that I couldn't wait to get out of there. In fact, I hated it so bad that I cut ties with every one I knew there. Even my dearest friends who truly loved me. Isn't that terrible? I know. It was. But I was a different person then. I had to get away. I had to heal. I had to learn to love the Lord and ultimately to love myself. It took many years.

Eventually, I started to come in contact with some of these old friends of mine. And slowly those old fun memories started to come back. In fact, I wish I could go back and live them again. We really had some good times. And Man! Were We Stupid!

Needless to say, it was so good to see my dear friend. She helped me close a chapter in my life I'm so glad to finally close. And she helped me realize that I wish I could go back and do it all over again. And that's a good feeling!

Thank you, Danette!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Life is funny. One day it's business as usual and the next ... well... let's just say it's not. My beautiful sweet Belgian Shepherd died today in my arms. She was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma just a couple weeks ago. Just this passed Monday she hiked up to the cross with us and today she's gone. Wierd. It happened too fast.

It was only 2 years ago that Sabrina came into our lives. It was a total accident that I found her. I went into Theresa's Country Feed and Pet Supply to get a good grooming tool for Max and the Sales Associate said, "We've got a big black hairy dog in the back. I can show you how it works."

"Okay." I said. At this point, I wasn't even thinking about adopting a dog. However, we were seriously considering getting another puppy as a playmate for Max. Nevertheless, when the sales guy said that Sabrina was free to any good home, it totally didn't register. I just said, "Oh that's nice." Then as Carly and I stayed a little longer I started to fall in love with her. She was beautiful. Even though she was in desperate need of a good grooming she was still beautiful. And sweet. She and Carly instantly bonded. Before I knew what was happening, I began asking questions like, "So how much is she?" and "How much is it going to cost to take her home?" The poor kid must have said "Well, she's free." a hundred times before it clicked. For some reason the concept of "free" just didn't register. But when it did, I called up Mike and said, "I think I'm taking a dog home today. " And he, being the good husband that he is, said, "OK, babe. Whatever you want to do." So, Carly and I walked out of Theresa's with a new doggy and new grooming tool.

As it turned out, Sabrina was far from "free." She was 9 years old when we got her and although the records that she came with stated she was in perfect health, she was not. She had really bad teeth. The first week we had her she had to have two teeth pulled. And about every 6 months or so another tooth had to be pulled. Poor Baby. Then finally last Novemeber I took her in for another round of teeth pulling and the vet suspected a tumor. He wasn't sure though because the two teeth were so bad that soft tissue around the teeth was also so bad. So we watched her really close and hoped for the best.

I thought she just had another rotten tooth when I took her in a couple weeks ago. And she did, but it wasn't because of just having rotten teeth. It was because of a tumor. The tooth had to be pulled because the tumor had caused the root to be exposed etc. So she had to undergo another surgery.

The last two weeks have been a roller coaster. She had her good days and bad days. I knew something was definately wrong this morning when I got up to check on her. She was laying in a position that she has never laid in before, but she was able to walk out to the car for our morning jaunt to the dog park. When we got to the dog park she just stood there. Didn't move. Didn't go potty and then walked over to the cement and laid down and wouldn't get back up. I could tell she was in tremondous pain and knew we were near the end. I put the other two dogs in the car and came back and carried Sabrina to the car.

I knew I couldn't go to church today because I knew Sabrina was real close. When we got back from the dog park the kids and I knelt down next to Sabrina and said a prayer. We all cried together and said our goodbyes to Sabrina.

Tonight at around a 7:45 she was whining for me. She wanted to get up and couldn't. So I helped her up and was going to take her outside. As I was helping her, she collapsed in my arms and starting siezing. It was over. I just held her and waited for it to end. When it did I drove her to the Emergency Animal Clinic in Thousand Oaks and said my final goodbyes.

So, it's funny how life is. You can expect for these things to happen and you can know it's going to happen, but no matter what, it still sucks. It hurts. Sabrina was a good dog. I wish we could have known her her whole life. But it was definately worth every moment just knowing her for two years of it.

Goodbye Sabrina! You're ours now, Baby!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Huntington Library

I kept Carly out of school and played hooky at the Huntington Library. The weather was perfect, the company sublime and the scenery exquisite. If you've never gone, you should. It is absolutely one of my most favorite places to visit. And another reason why I love California.

Here are some highlights:

Sunday, January 31, 2010

What Can I Say?

What can I say? I know. It's been a long time. I have no excuses other than life has gotten in the way. I know that may seem ironic since this blog is suppose to be about my life or rather our lives, but I guess I just don't know how to squeeze it in my busy day. However, my brother emailed me and asked me what was up with my blog. This completely shocked me since I didn't think any of my family members read it so I'm back at it.

Nonetheless, rather than to go back and try to fill in the blanks I'll start with today:

Today is Sunday. I love Sundays. It's not just that it is the laziest day of the week. I mean I literally do nothing. We go to church, we come home and I fix lunch and that's it. I'm done. The kids fend for themselves from lunchtime on. It's nice. Really. Although I do pay for it. The house is a total wreck once I immerge from my bedroom (after watching an old movie and a nap), but it's worth it. Totally worth it. But I digress. The real reason I love Sundays is because we go to church and I see my friends. It's a double wammy 'cuz I most always feel the spirit and I get to visit with my girls. I love my girls. I really do. And I hate that one of them is moving away. I'm somewhat still in denial about it but I know it's going to happen if that makes any sense. I'm happy for her and her family, but I'm selfish 'cuz I'm sad for me. I love my Elizabeth and I don't want her to leave.
Robert is turning 8 this year. I can't believe it. Eight years old. We, the kids and I, went to the little eight year old orientation tonight at the church. I filled out the Cub Scout Registration form and everything. Wierd. He is so excited about it though. So excited. He can't wait. I'm already crying over his baptism and will continue to cry over his growing up.

So far this year has been the same as last year. Mike is still gone all the time. Poor thing. He hates it as much as we do. But as my sweet friend, Shandie, pointed out there is still a lot left in the year so there is still plenty of time for it to get better.....Yep....

I'm not one to pretend that all is well. Life has been hard for the last year and a half or so. But at the same time I can't complain. Things can always get worse. But I am greatful for this life and especially mine. Because no matter how hard it gets I have a husband who loves me and two wonderful kids and, really, what else matters?

Love you Kirk!