Thursday, September 8, 2011


I wish I could bottle the feeling I get while cycling through the back roads of SoCal. That way I could experience the exhilaration I get everytime I ride anytime I want.

Yesterday we rode into Hidden Valley (yep just like the salad dressing). And because you're on a bike you see things you wouldn't see in a car. The sun was just starting to set when we rode passed the lake then through the ranches. We saw horses frolicking in their pasture and heard cows mooing in the fields all while a slight head wind brushes against your face and the aroma of fresh air fill your nostrils. You feel your heart pumping your blood through your veins and filling your muscles giving them what they need to keep spinning. You feel the air moving in and out of your lungs and all you can think of is, "Man! It's great to be alive!".
Yep. There's something truly spectacular about that.

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